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Shipments abroad

Shipments abroad

We can send your orders to most countries in Europe and to non-European destinations. This page lists foreign destinations where we ship your shipments. Furthermore, we will specify a specific carrier who delivers the shipment and also includes the shipping cost and any restrictions that exist for that country.

Payment for an order to a bank account is free for EU customers!

For a better overview, countries are sorted into zones. A uniform postage rate applies to all countries in the zone. Please refer to the relevant zone for each carrier and different conditions. Prices may vary in the price of the shipment.

If you do not find the country in which you want to send your shipment in this list, please contact us and specify the shipping options and the cost of your shipment individually.

Zone 1: Slovakia
Zone 2: Croatia, Poland, Hungary
Zone 3: Germany, Austria, Romania, Ukraine
Zone 4: Bulgaria, France, Portugal, Slovenia, United Kingdom
Zone 5: Italy, Netherlands
Zone 6: Ireland, Spain, Switzerland

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